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Personal Training

Here at First Rate Health our focus is you! Thats why we make your health our No.1 priority

Running Personal Training Sessions in Penrith since 2007 we are not just limited to the one area.

Chris puts the 'personal' in personal training and will always tailor your training to your specific needs, from weightloss, muscle tone, sports specific, medical related workouts, flexibility, core strength, boxing & job related workouts.

An ongoing training program will help you deliver results fast! Because it is tailored to suit you, as your fitness and health improves, your workouts will change to better suit your needs and Fitness Goals and Dreams.

Our focus is to help you get the body you want & have been dreaming of.

Our unique Fullbody, High Intensity & Core Strength workouts are unparalleled amongst the industry. Originally designed to enhance the performance of athletes, they can be used to obtain the optimal physique desired by YOU, in order to achieve the fitness levels essential for peak performance and everyday living.

So whether you want to build it or lose it, we dare you to take up the challenge. Just give Chris a call to organise your free consultation and talk about what you want.

** Click here to get started TODAY! Because change doesn't happen if you just wait around!...

Session Locations include:
Personal Training Penrith & Surrounds